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Solutions powered by BLE Beacons.

Learn how you can use Bluetooth Beacons for your business

We can develop solutions based on Eddystone or iBeacon communication protocols.

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BLE Beacons Singapore

If you would like to

  • Entice people to go your location

  • Create awareness on your business or product

  • Create interaction between your customers and products

  • Share details with your customers with ease

You can use Bluetooth beacons to

  • Share details on your business with potential customers who are walking by

  • Send the menu of your restaurant or details of your events to customers

  • Save on printing cost through digital media

  • Provide rewards to customers

  • Increase customer satisfaction by sending greetings when they enter your premises

Sharing of information is one of the most popular uses of BLE beacons. Choose this solution if you are looking at sharing information with your customers or attracting them to your location.



Bluetooth Beacon Sell

If you would like to

  • Reward your loyal customers

  • Create easy payment options

  • Interact with potential clients

  • Reach out to passer bys

You can use Bluetooth beacons to

  • Get people to go to your venue based on notifications received when they are near by

  • Provide information on sales and discounts when they are near the product

  • Provide loyalty points when they come to your store or make a purchase

  • Integrate with your POS system, and enable seamless payments by customers

If you are in the retail business, you spend significant marketing cost on creating awareness of sales and discounts. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons allow you to do this more effectively. You can send customized messages to customers on your store sales and increase customer interaction. It is also possible to integrate the mobile app to your POS system.


Bluetooth Beacon Interact

If you would like to

  • Create a more personalized and engaging user experience

  • Education visitors on their surroundings 

  • Create attention for low traffic locations and send visitors there

  • Encourage visitors to visit more locations in the vicinity

  • Enable visitor interaction

  • Create a seamless ordering and booking app

You can use Bluetooth beacons to

  • Create mobile apps that can educate the visitors on the exhibit they are standing infront of

  • Bring life to the exhibits

  • Allows visitors to find out answers to the questions they might have of the location/exhibit

  • Save money on external devices such as audio guides by allowing visitors to use their smart-phones

  • Create proximity based games and gamify the experience of visitors

  • Integrate the proximity to social media

  • Allow on the spot booking of facilities

  • Have a smartphone registration process

Such solutions are popular among tourist destinations such as museums, art galleries or zoological gardens. By placing multiple BLE beacons around the location, visitors can be a totally different experience.



If you would like to

  • Create an unforgettable experience for your guests

  • Guide visitors to the correct location

  • Provide superior customer experience

  • Reduce time wasted in finding out directions

You can use Bluetooth beacons to

  • Create mobile apps that will work as in indoor navigation system

  • Inform visitors on the ETA to a destination

  • Link the navigation to an event

  • Create a mobile app for beacon enabled guided tours and earn revenue through paid downloads

  • Create navigational apps for the visually handicap

BLE linked navigational apps can be useful in large airports, events, and concerts. The app uses triangulation to determine the exact location of the user and functions in the same manner as GPS navigation, but indoors!



Bluetooth Beacon Analyze

If you would like to

  • Find out which areas get the most human traffic

  • Find out how visitors move around your venue

  • Improve on crowd control management

  • Find out how much time is spent by people at each point of interest

  • Allow for automatic check-ins

You can use Bluetooth beacons to

  • Draw heat maps on the time spent by visitors around your venue

  • Identify the best place to place sales adverts

  • Find out who the frequent visitors are

  • Find out peak periods at your venue

  • Organise your operations such as cleaning schedules

Due to the location based nature of beacons, you can easily find out the path taken by visitors and their patterns. Use this data to improve customer experience and get more repeated sales. BLE Beacons can also be used to track your vendors’ movements in facilities and if they are entering restricted zone.



If you would like to

  • Know the location of your staff or vendors

  • Prevent authorized entry into zones

  • Ensure the safety of your staff and contractors

  • Quickly locate assets or people

You can use Bluetooth beacons to

  • Use smartphones for access control by integrating beacons into the electronic locks

  • Get a notification if there is unauthorized entry or exit from vendors

  • Track the movement of visitors in your facility

  • Monitor the movement of internal staff for safety evacuation

BLE Beacons can be integrated with electronic locks so that you would need to scan your smartphones before entering a facility. This doubles up as an attendance tracking system, and do away with RFID cards.


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