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Contact Tracing Systems For The Workplace.                                                                                                   [...]

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Emergency Response System

Automated Emergency Mustering Application                                                                                                       [...]

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Tracking Visitors in Office

Tracking Visitors in OfficeTechnology OverviewBluetooth Card Beacons are used to track guest in a office setting. BLE Gateways are installed at strategic locations around the office.Live Heat-map with Visitor Tracking Accenture Digital worked with JA Security's Beacon platform to showcase a demo of live visitor tracking in their office. Visitors are given a 2mm thick beacon card, [...]

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RFID Applications in Singapore

RFID Applications in SingaporeWritten By:Naveen Rai, Applications Specialist Online Library Management SystemApart from using RFID for personnel tracking, inventory management, car park system, etc. another potential use-case would be an online library management system. This involves the use of UHF active/passive RFID labels which are stuck to the books. Each RFID label is different and can [...]

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Indoor Location Tracking

Indoor Location TrackingTechnology OverviewJA Security offer indoor tracking solutions for various sectors. Since there a limitation of using GPS indoors, we rely on Bluetooth Beacons or RFID to provide indoor tracking and monitoring solutions. Renowned companies use our solutions for tracking, navigation and data collection.BLE Beacons can communicate mobile phones which can be used to tracking personnel [...]

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