Tracking Visitors in Office

//Tracking Visitors in Office

Tracking Visitors in Office

Tracking Visitors in Office

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Technology Overview

Bluetooth Card Beacons are used to track guest in a office setting. BLE Gateways are installed at strategic locations around the office.

Live Heat-map with Visitor Tracking 

Accenture Digital worked with JA Security’s Beacon platform to showcase a demo of live visitor tracking in their office. Visitors are given a 2mm thick beacon card, which enables tracking in real-time. Approximately 12 inexpensive gateways were installed around Accenture Digital’s office to enable tracking per zone. The data is showcased in a giant screen with additional details such as category breakdown of personnel, gender breakdown and visitor arrival and leaving timings. More details on Accenture’s implementation can be found in this link: Click HERE

Market Trends and Opportunities

BLE Beacons are disrupting the Active RFID market due to inexpensive gateways, and flexibility to leverage on smartphones to read tags and act as a handheld reader. 

JA Security is able to create custom BLE Tracking software for all visitor and personnel tracking use cases.

Some examples below:

  • Guest tracking during exhibitions.
  • Vendor tracking and alerts when entry into unauthorized areas.

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