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JA GPS Tracking MalaysiaJA Security’s GPS Tracking System in Malaysia, as well as other security innovations are now available in Malaysia. We are based in Malaysia, we understand our Malaysian customers and we are one of the best GPS Tracking Companies in the Malaysian market.

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Some key statistics of Malaysia justifying our presence here

45min vehicle stolen malaysiaOne Car is Missing Every 45 minutes in Malaysia. (Source: Pemandu)

gps for kidnapping malaysia

Approximately 4,804 persons were reported missing between January and October in 2012.
(Source: Royal Police Malaysia)

cargo malaysia

Malaysia No. 2 in Asia-Pacific for cargo theft. (Source: The New York Times)

SPAD Bus Tracking Malaysia

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) had compelled BUS operators to employ controllers to monitor the speed limits of the buses via the Global Positioning System (GPS) while they were on the road. (Source:

JA Security Solutions to address the Malaysia Market

Vehicle GPS Tracking System, Personal GPS Tracker, Shipping Container GPS Tracker, GPS Tracking Lock, RFID Cabinet System.

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

The FleetWatch is the most cost effective and efficient vehicle GPS Tracker in the market. Our unit has been endorsed by Porsche in Germany to be used as their selected monitoring unit for customers who choose to install a GPS unit in their vehicle. The FleetWatch can be installed in cars, motorbikes, Lorries, trailers, vans, and even heavy machinery.
Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Personal/Portable GPS Tracker

TrackMe can be used as an ideal personnel tracking device that can be used to track dementia patients, children, elderly or mobile workforce. There is a panic button that also functions to send alerts to caregivers in a situation of an emergency. The larger TrackMe Forever unit can be used to monitor assets such as a cable drum or motor in remote locations of Malaysia. .
Personal GPS Tracker

Shipping Container GPS Tracker

Now you can monitor your cargo transported across Malaysia via dry/reefer containers using our tracking device exclusively designed for ISO containers. The device comes with additional temperature and humidity sensors for added visibility of temperature sensitive shipment.
Shipping Container GPS Tracker

GPS Lock

Do you have a storage facility in a remote location in Malaysia? Wondering if anyone broke into your premise while you’re on a holiday. The GPS Lock reports any opening, closing or break-in attempts on the lock in real-time, so that you receive alerts on your mobile phone while you’re thousands of miles away.
GPS Lock

RFID Cabinet

The RFID Cabinet enables you to monitor if any item has been removed or placed in the cabinet by your staff, and which staff was responsible for the actions. In addition, real time inventory visibility prevents any issues of potential out-of-stock issues.
RFID Cabinet