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RFID Solutions Singapore

JA Security is an expert at developing RFID Solutions for various industries. Our team has the capabilities to provide with a customized cost effective RFID solution to meet your needs. RFID Solutions Singapore: Drop us an enquiry now at info@ja-si.com

RFID Solutions Singapore

Some Applications of RFID

  • RFID Solutions: Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility

  • RFID Solutions: Item Level Inventory Tracking

  • RFID Solutions: Attendance Tracking

  • RFID Solutions: Materials Management

  • RFID Solutions: Access Control

  • RFID Solutions: Asset Tracking

  • RFID Solutions: Tool Tracking

  • RFID Solutions: Real Time Location Systems


RFID in Warehouse

Check Inventory Level in Warehouses with RFID

Monitor and see the inventory level in a vicinity or warehouse, smartly and quickly

  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Get notified for missing items
  • Ensure that items are placed in the correct place

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RFID through Gantry Singapore

Monitor movement across RFID Gantry

Track items as they move between various points of interest

  • Check in/out items automatically
  • Monitoring Employees‘ movement
  • Send alerts when items are moved without authorisation

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RFID on Conveyor Belt

Integrate RFID in your workflow

Control your production floor or work flow through RFID integration

  • Implement RFID on conveyor belts
  • Tracking materials throughout production
  • Use RFID to control actions

RFID Gantry Singapore

Tracking Attendance for Events with RFID

Track the attendance during trade shows and corporate events

  • Tracking number of guests and time stamps
  • Crowd control
  • Data analytics for better insights

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RFID Smart Cabinets

Track the usage of items in a secured environments

  • Tracking of who retrieved items off a cabinet
  • Real-time inventory updates in cabinets¬†
  • Automatic reports and alerts on low inventory levels

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RFID document tracking

Monitor document movement with RFID

Track documents in your office space

  • Check in/out documents¬†automatically
  • Locate documents in a crowd office space
  • Customized document management portal

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Our typical mode of engagement is to visit the customer site or have a meeting to discuss your RFID solutions requirements. Following this we will discuss internally and provide you with the best proposal, for both hardware and software. The proposal will also include a pricing estimate. Our consultation is free and non obligatory.

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