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Personnel RFID Tracking System

Personnel RFID Tracking SystemTracking of staff, contractors, and vendors becomes critical especially at high security locations, with restricted zones. RFID Tracking is the most cost effective and efficient way to tracking movement of all personnel and assets between points of interest. Depending on the needs of the client, JA Security with implement a passive or active personnel RFID Tracking System.

Common concerns of our customers seeking RFID solutions to track their staff:

We need a system that helps us identify the whereabouts of patients in the hospital

Is there an automatic system to check in and check out our staff?

We need to receive alerts when our vendors cross into an authorized territory


Passive RFID Gate for Tracking for Personnel

RFID GateThe solution can be used if

  • You would like to count the number of visitors entering or leaving
  • Require an alarm to be sent for unauthorised entry
  • Track the location of personnel using choke points placed at the entry and exit points of buildings


Passive RFID Overhead Gantry for Tracking for Personnel

RFID Overhead Reader

RFID at Exhibition Hall

The solution can be used if

  • You do not have floor space to install an RFID gate
  • You require discreet monitoring of personnel


Active RFID Reader for Tracking for Personnel

Active RFID Reader

The solution can be used if

  • Receive alerts on perimeter breach
  • Analyse visitor patterns within the facility
  • You need real time location monitoring
  • Have enhanced emergency evacuation accountability



RFID for shipyards

RFID Tracking can be used for both indoor and outdoor tracking, and is more cost effective compared to portable GPS Trackers, for a large workforce.

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