Construction Personnel Tracking System Singapore

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Construction Personnel Tracking System Singapore

construction personnel tracking singapore

The objective of a construction RFID Tracking System is to track the movement of workers, and monitor the movement at any point of time. 

LTA General Specification:
The Contractor shall implement a RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) based personnel tracking system for all deep excavation works, underground stations and tunnels on site. The system shall track the movement of workers going in and coming out of these areas.

Passive RFID Tracking System in Construction Sites:

We need a system that helps us locate our workers

Is there an automatic system to check in and check out our general works

We need to receive alerts when unauthorized workers enter our site?


Passive RFID Overhead Gantry for Tracking for Construction Personnel

RFID Overhead Reader


The solution can be used if

  • You want to monitor the time in and out of the workers
  • Generate time attendance reports automatically
  • Monitor the bi-directional movement of workers 
  • Get the last known location of your workers to facilitate emergency rescue works
  • Provide real time updates on web browsers
  • Track the duration of workers at the site
  • Display time spent by the workers of each trade
  • Display information such as personnel name, ID, trade, entry and exit time


Active RFID Reader for Tracking for Construction Sites

Active RFID for Oil and Gas

The solution can be used if

  • Receive alerts on perimeter breach
  • Analyse worker movements patterns within the construction site
  • You need real time location monitoring
  • Have enhanced emergency evacuation accountability



RFID Tracking can be used for both indoor and outdoor tracking, and is more cost effective compared to portable GPS Trackers, for a large workforce.

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