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Real-Time Condition Monitoring

Remote Monitoring System.

real time condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring for Equipment and Machines

An affordable remote monitoring system.

  • Wireless sensors

  • Access to data anytime and anywhere

  • Receive alarms based on preset criteria

  • Predictive maintenance for machines

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Machine Learning

JA Security has vast experience developing industrial IOT solutions that allow you to monitor your machines remotely. Our sensors are connected to the IOT gateway that sends data at intervals of 1 second to the server, providing you with complete visibility on machine performance. The stored data allows you to do predictive maintenance and machine learning .

The type of sensors deployed will vary from client to client, depending on the parameters required for tracking. JA can create custom software based on the client requirement with our in house software development team.

Browser based interface

Our state of the art condition monitoring software allows management to access the reports via a web-browser, keeping everyone connected and providing real-time insights.

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Condition monitoring reports and analytics

Monitor the real time measurements of equipment in your facility using our sophisticated software. Detect tool down status, receive alarms and view history reports, all remotely using the web dashboard. The alarms will alert you immediately with sensor threshold go beyond the limits. Our custom graphs will provide you with an overall picture of machine health status.

Reports and Analytics

Responsible after sales support

We value our customers and people, and will provide tech support and advice after implementation.

After Sales Support


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JA Security offers remote monitoring solutions to fit your needs. Email or call +65 94555414 for more information.