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SmartCabinet is a RFID based system that is used to track assets and allow access to authorized personnel only.


WHAT is an RFID Smart Cabinet?

RFID Smart Cabinet:

The cabinet/shelve that allows real-time tracking of inventory, and allows access to authorized personnel only

RFID Smart Cabinet

JA Security and Innovations offers standard and custom RFID Smart Cabinets suited to your organisation’s needs.

WHO should use Smart Cabinet?

Shelves and cabinets outfitted with radio frequency identification technology enable real-time, item-level tracking at an intermediate or final distribution point. These “smart fixtures” are helping retailers, discrete manufacturers, hospitals, and other kinds of companies and organizations control inventories and keep products in continuous stock by automatically tracking the arrival and distribution of individual assets.

WHERE can the Smart Cabinet be used?

The RFID Smart Cabinet is ideal for these applications and many more:

Hospitals – Medical Equipment Tracking and Control
Research labs – Apparatus and Tool Tracking and Control
Pharmacies – Medicine Tracking and Stock Take
Dental offices – Medical Equipment Tracking and Stock Take
Library – Book Tracking
Semiconductor Manufacturing – Cassette Tracking and Control

WHY Smart Cabinet should be used?


The Smart Cabinet only allows access to authorized personnel.

Inventory Management

An automatic inventory of the contents of the cabinets is made at all times. This can be seen on a cloud server or local intranet.

Item Level Traceability

Track each item from the moment it is received by the organization until distribution.

Remote Monitoring

Accurate tracking of assets makes inventory purchase and stock-take easier, increasing productivity.

HOW Smart Cabinet can help you save cost?

Eliminate Expiry

Expiration date visibility and tracking at item level dramatically reduces or eliminates $ loss due to item expiration.

Reduced Inventory Level

Real time visibility enables inventory reduction levels by as much as 30%!

Increased Savings

Eliminate shrinkage and control consumption using locked glass doors that are opened by a simple RFID card swipe or ID and password entry.

WHEN should you implement an RFID Smart Cabinet for your business?

How RFID Cabinet Works

Now! Be ahead of the curve, invest in technology and improve productivity.