Remote Access GPS Lock – Keyless Smart Security Padlock and Electronic Alarm System

//Remote Access GPS Lock – Keyless Smart Security Padlock and Electronic Alarm System
Remote Access GPS Lock – Keyless Smart Security Padlock and Electronic Alarm System 2020-04-16T11:54:21+00:00

JA SmartLock is a Keyless GPS High Security Padlock that can be Remotely Unlocked and also functions as an Electronic Alarm System.


WHAT is a JA SmartLock (GPS Lock)?

JA SmartLock:

High Security Intelligent Keyless Padlock with GPS and GSM Capabilities

JA SmartLock is a IOT Based Keyless High Security GPS Padlock that can be Remotely Opened. With Tamper-proof Fixed & Flexible Shackle options – it functions as an Electronic Alarm System providing Real-Time Alerts to Attempted Breaches.

WHO should use JA SmartLock?

If you are looking for:

  • An ideal autonomous solution for remote locations
  • An ideal solution for hard-to-reach locations such as water lines, high antennas and surveillance cameras, where the physical inspections of locks is labor and time intensive
  • High level of security and monitoring of transported goods
  • The right steps to take to protect your personal property
  • High Security for storage units, storefronts, vending machines and commercial equipment


WHERE JA SmartLock can be attached?

gps padlock electronic alarm system

Be creative, the options are limitless!

WatchLock is a Smart GPS Lock that you can attach to anything valuable.

WHY JA SmartLock used?


High Security Padlock with Fibre Optic Equipped Shackle to Detect any Attempted Breaches.

GPS & Cellular Tracking

JA SmartLock keeps you updated constantly of its location and the location of your guarded assets, through GPS and cellular connectivity with Worldwide Coverage.

IoT Based Keyless Padlock

JA SmartLock can be remotely opened. Doesn’t require a key.

Wire Free

No wires at all! A Long Lasting Battery powered Solution with Low Power Notifications.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Connect to nearby Devices and Sensors, to create a Smarter Security Network and Monitor your Assets more Effectively.

One-of-a-kind Flexible Shackle 

JA SmartLock can be fitted with a Flexible Shackle, Customizable in virtually any length, giving the option to Secure Anything with Ease.

Impressive and Cost Effective

Offers Customised, Flexible, Sophisticated Security at an Affordable Price. 
Saves Cost, Time and Physical Intervention, with Remote Monitoring Capabilities.

Suited for different market

JA SmartLock can be used in Remote Facilities, Sea, Truck or Rail containers, Retail stores, Transported Goods and more.

User management Tool & Mobile Application

Keep a full log of when it was opened, by who and for how long. You have the option to set and customize alerts for any event.

With Tracking in the palm of your hand using our Fast and user-friendly Application interface. Receive Instant notifications with any irregular event. Available for both iOS and Android-based devices.


HOW JA SmartLock can help you save cost?

  • Embedded with GPS capabilities.
  • SmartLock is battery operated, with no external power source required.
  • Uses Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status, while allowing you to choose the communication device of your choice, whether cell phone, PC or tablet.
  • Keyless Padlock – It eliminates the need to maintain and distribute keys, which may get lost or broken.
  • On-line access anywhere, any time.
  • Real-time data with Full log of when it was opened, by who and for how long
  • Ability to capture valuable data for future planning.
  • Customized alerts for each of your monitored units.
  • Automatically generates reports on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis, with specified data.
  • All-in-one solutions for entire range of devices.

WHEN JA SmartLock can be used?

Remote LocationsSecurity CompaniesCustoms OperationsCommercial & RetailPersonal Use
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