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Smart Nation Singapore
The Singapore government reiterated its focus on building a Smart Nation, by the introduction of a Cyber Security Bill, Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim said on January 21, 2016.

The country had already taken significant steps toward building a smart nation by providing SMEs with grants to develop solutions, as well as several other initiatives in the recent months.

JA Security and Innovations’ solutions fall perfectly in the spectrum of smart nation products, and we will continue to both source for overseas solutions as well as develop our own solutions for this cause.

Existing JA Smart Solutions are as follows:

Our Smart Lock is suitable to secure remote facilities or roof access, as well as shop houses. The lock has a built in GPS module, as well as a SIMCARD that communicates events via the 2G/3G network to your smartphone. That means, you get an immediate alert when someone tries to break open the lock, or simply opens and closes the lock using the key.

Another small yet powerful innovation is the personal GPS tracker that has a panic button as well. Like the GPS lock, the small tracker can be used for elderly monitoring or children monitoring purposes, provide caregivers peace of mind.
Future Developments:

As an innovative and hungry start-up, we are keen to partner up with other companies on Smart Nation initiatives and welcome all interested parties to drop a message at Stay tuned on our website to find out other exciting developments in the near future.

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