Contact Tracing Systems For The Workplace.                                                                                                   [...]

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Emergency Response System

Automated Emergency Mustering Application                                                                                                       [...]

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Tracking Visitors in Office

Tracking Visitors in OfficeTechnology OverviewBluetooth Card Beacons are used to track guest in a office setting. BLE Gateways are installed at strategic locations around the office.Live Heat-map with Visitor Tracking Accenture Digital worked with JA Security's Beacon platform to showcase a demo of live visitor tracking in their office. Visitors are given a 2mm thick beacon card, [...]

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RFID Elderly Monitoring system

RFID Elderly Monitoring system Technology OverviewPassive RFID tags are suitable to monitor the inflow and outflow of people through an overhead gantry.Passive RFID has been used vastly in many personnel tracking applications.UHF Passive RFID Tags for Elderly MonitoringJA Security installed a passive RFID elderly monitoring system for an elderly day care center in Singapore. The objective of the [...]

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Smart Nation Singapore

Smart Nation SingaporeSmart Nation Singapore The Singapore government reiterated its focus on building a Smart Nation, by the introduction of a Cyber Security Bill, Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim said on January 21, 2016.The country had already taken significant steps toward building a smart nation by providing SMEs with grants to develop solutions, as [...]

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