Contact Tracing Systems For The Workplace.



Covid-19 has introduced the world to the “New Normal”, of which minimal physical interaction and social distancing are key components. Public spaces such as the office and shopping malls will need to introduce new measures to ensure that people abide by the “distancing rules” and also to track their movements for “Contact Tracing” records.


Our Solutions

As an RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) Specialist, JA Security is able to deliver customised solutions for the “Post Covid-19 Workplace”. Our Proprietary Software can assist organisations to deploy the following solutions:


Smart Navigation



Using Indoor Maps, this application will allow users to navigate the quickest way to move from “Point A” to “Point B”. Users can be directed away from possible “Human Choke-points” to spread out traffic.


Crowd Control Management


Area Managers / Security Managers will have Real Time Location Data of People Movement within their premises via Heat Maps and Data Counts on the User Interface. This can help to identify “Human Choke-points”, Traffic Flow and raise alerts if there is overcrowding. Operators can also use the Data to open up new Human Traffic Lanes, Stagger Operating Hours of Businesses and Tweak Public Transportation Schedules.


 Social Distancing Compliance


Our RTLS Solution will record the “Dwell Time” Reports of people in specific zones, especially in areas of large congregations. And within “Controlled Spaces” JA Security is further able to identify the distances between people and assets utilising “Triangulation”. Deploying this concept, we can raise alerts to people, if they are too close in distance to others.


Contact Tracing Toolkit



The combination of all the above tools is our “Contact Tracing Toolkit”. Upon receiving information of a “virus positive” person, operators can trace the historical journey of the person within their premises over a period of time. Information such as Contact Points (who they came into contact with), Dwell Time (duration of contact) and Navigation Data (areas which they had been to) will quickly identify areas that require disinfecting and people that require immediate testing for the virus. 

With JA Security’s Asset Tracking Solutions deployed on premises, we can also identify which Assets the person had come into contact with, so as to allow for a greater disinfection. 



The above solutions can be further overlaid with CCTV footage to build a more comprehensive Contact Tracing tool.



Application Usages: Office Buildings, Production Facilities, Shopping Malls, Airports, Public Transportation Stations, Hospitals, and Public Spaces in General



JA Security is able to create customised BLE Tracking software for all visitor and personnel tracking use cases.

Some examples below:

  • Tracking of Employees and Visitors in Premises such as Factories, Offices, Chemical Plants, etc.
  • Vendor Management – Monitoring “Actual” vs “Billed” Headcounts
  • Security Alerts – Entry into Restricted Areas by Unauthorised Personnel
  • Analysing Retail Customer Behavioral Patterns and Purchasing Patterns.
  • Tracking of Visitors and Analysing Visitor Behavioral Pattern in Exhibitions.

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