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RFID Emergency Evacuation

RFID Emergency EvacuationTechnology OverviewPassive RFID tags are suitable to monitor the inflow and outflow of people through antennas placed at strategic locations.Passive RFID has been used vastly in many personnel tracking applications.UHF Passive RFID Tags for Emergency Evacuation During a building evacuation, we need to account for all employees, visitors and guests. Is this possible to track personnel [...]

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Vehicle Tracking and Delivery App

Vehicle Tracking and Delivery AppTechnology OverviewGPS tracking devices are commonly used to track vehicles and provide management with insights and reports on driver behavior as well as delivery status in instances when it is integrated with the work order system. As the price of smartphones become cheaper, companies are issuing smartphones to their drivers for [...]

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Active RFID for Oil and Gas

Active RFID for Oil and Gas Technology OverviewActive RFID tags are suitable in environments where reliability is a primary concern. The tags are inbuilt with a battery which enables long reading ranges, typically up to 100 metres.Active RFID has been used vastly in many oil and gas applications.Active RFID for Oil and GasJA Security installed an [...]

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Bluetooth Beacon Singapore

Bluetooth Beacon SingaporeTechnology OverviewGPS Tracking Systems are great for outdoor tracking but has its limitations for indoor location tracking. The GPS signal is significantly reduced by buildings and has little effectiveness to be used as an indoor positioning system.RFID has been vastly used for tracking both indoors and outdoors, but require significant infrastructure setup and [...]

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Monitor Engine Idling by Drivers

Monitor Engine Idling by DriversOK what a hot day! Why not turn on the engine and cool down, and charge my hand phone at the same time? Sounds harmless, but excessive idling can cause carbon accumulation and reduce oil life. Idling for a period of 1 hr is approximately equal to 40KM of driving. As [...]

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