Active RFID for Oil and Gas

//Active RFID for Oil and Gas

Active RFID for Oil and Gas

Active RFID for Oil and Gas 

Active RFID for Oil and Gas

Technology Overview

Active RFID tags are suitable in environments where reliability is a primary concern. The tags are inbuilt with a battery which enables long reading ranges, typically up to 100 metres.

Active RFID has been used vastly in many oil and gas applications.

Active RFID for Oil and Gas

JA Security installed an Active RFID Tracking system on-board an oil rig for a major oil company. The primary purpose was to track the worker movements to and from the gangway. The system enabled managements to have reports on the reporting time of workers as well as time taken during breaks. The Active RFID system allows for complete visibility on worker movement.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Touch and go type of near-field RFID cards are now being replaced by Ultra High Frequency RFID and Active RFID systems. Workers do not need to manually swipe or scan their cards on the readers. 

JA Security is able to create customer RFID software based on our customers’ requirements.

Some examples below:

  • Tracking assets on board the oil rigs.

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