RFID Applications in Singapore

//RFID Applications in Singapore

RFID Applications in Singapore

RFID Applications in Singapore

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RFID UHF Library System

Online Library Management System

Apart from using RFID for personnel tracking, inventory management, car park system, etc. another potential use-case would be an online library management system. This involves the use of UHF active/passive RFID labels which are stuck to the books. Each RFID label is different and can be used to identify a book uniquely. The details of the book such as Name, Author, Publisher, Edition, etc. can be updated by tapping the book on the reader and entering the details onto the library database. An online cloud based service is provided for the users to access the database remotely and keep a check on the availability on their favorite books. A similar project was done for one of our clients, which had options such as book search, book issue, etc.


RFID can be used to make your shopping experience interesting and comfortable by providing the details of items you want to try in the fitting rooms. Information such as price, size, available sizes, colors, etc. could be shared on a smart screen inside the fitting room. This helps the customers to focus on the items they find good instead of inquiring about different available colors or size for the item. Similar products can be displayed on the screen to customers as suggestions to make the shopping experience easier and memorable.



Another potential application of the RFID technology can be seen in the healthcare sector. Keeping a record of medicines, equipment, etc. becomes much easy with the use of RFID tags. A database of medicines can be used to see the various medicines the hospital is missing out on. Features such as expiry date, existing quantity, target body areas, etc. can be used to ensure sufficient quantity of medicines are always available.  Doctors can use this database to see whether the medicine being prescribed is available or not and if there is an alternative medicine available.

Market Trends and Opportunities

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