Difference between GPS Tracker and GPS Navigator

//Difference between GPS Tracker and GPS Navigator

Difference between GPS Tracker and GPS Navigator

Difference between GPS Tracker and GPS Navigator

garmin navigator vs gps tracker

One of the most common questions that we face is why is there a need to have a monthly subscription for a GPS Tracking Device when there is none for a GPS Navigator. Today we hope you explain to you the fundamental difference of these 2 devices and the underlying reason for a monthly recurring charge.

We have all used GPS Navigators, and arguably the most popular model is the Garmin GPS Navigator. GPS Navigation Systems are used to locate addresses and provide directions to end destinations. Data is received from the satellites and displayed in the panel for the driver. Now this data can only be viewed by the driver in the car and your friend driving just behind you would not be able to see the data or the panel (pretty obvious we know).

modem vs simcard

Now what about a GPS Tracker. A GPS Tracker like a Navigation System also receives data from the satellites. But unlike a navigation system, the tracker is meant to display information to someone who is hundreds of miles away. How is the information on the tracker then sent to one’s mobile app or desktop screen?
There has to be a channel that allows data received from the tracker to be displayed on our screen located hundreds of miles away. This is possible with the SIM-CARD located inside the GPS Tracker which sends data via the 2G/3G network to the cloud servers. This is analogous to a WIFI modem in our homes that received and sends information over the air to our desktop. The SIM-CARD is the modem for a GPS Tracker. And just like how we pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain our WIFI modem, we pay a monthly fee to maintain our GPS Tracker!
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