Tracking Visitors at Events and Conferences

//Tracking Visitors at Events and Conferences
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Tracking Visitors at Events and Conferences

Event People Tracking

Maximise the ROI for your event.

How It Works?

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wearable beacon tag singapore

Issue out the beacon tags to your event guests.

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beacon architecture

The gateways located at strategic points in the event venue will collect data in real-time.

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Indoor Location Tracking

The JA Analytics will identify how successful your event is, which session and booth is more popular, which speaker draws the most crowd, and other actionable insights.

Collect Valuable Data

Measure how many attendees are at your event in real time, and how often the leave and return.

Determine how long they spend at your corporate event.

Monitor your event remotely

View heat-maps of visitor flow and the number of visitors at each strategic location at any point of them. Understand which session is more popular amongst visitors.

Receive Partner Performance Metrics

You can rank which partner booth was the most popular, and compare the number of visits and returns, and average dwell time for each partner. View the attendance who spent time at each booth.

Get data on how engaging sessions are

Based on the data of number of visitors and average time spent in each session, you can stack the performance of your sessions.


event tracking pricing

Monitor each visitor at $10 per day including the beacon tag rental* and gateway setup. Contact us for custom packages to suit your needs.


*An additional fee of $10 will be collected for every tag not collected back.

RFID and GPS Supplier Singapore

JA Security offers a number of iBeacon solutions to fit your event needs. Email or call +65 94555414 for more information. We provide fully customized iBeacon Solutions.