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Manpower Tracking | People Tracking

GPS Tracking Device Singapore

JA Security and Innovations’ GPS tracking device are ideal to track your manpower movement be it in Singapore, Malaysia or anywhere else in the world.

Use our devices can be dropped in a pants pocket, a haversack or simply hung around the neck. Outdoor manpower tracking is not possible without the use of GPS technology, and tracking your employee’s location through their mobile phones without their knowledge is against the law. Use our innovative GPS trackers to assist you to manage your workforce.

RFID gantries can also be placed at strategic locations to monitor the movement of people.

TrackMe Compact

TrackMe Compact is an ideal personnel tracking device that can be used to track your workforce. The inbuilt panic button also functions to set alerts in an emergency situation. Prevent kidnapping when sending your workforce to danger prone areas.

Personal GPS Tracker

RFID Gantry | RFID Gate

We can integrate RFID readers in your facility to track the movement of staff or vendors.Unlike GPS, RFID can be used to track the location of people indoors.

RFID People Tracking System

Bluetooth Beacon

Smartphones can be used for access control by integrating Bluetooth beacons to the electronic locks.

iBeacon Technology