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Healthcare Sector Solutions

In the HealthCare industry, there is little room for error. JA’s Solutions ensure that you keep track of your surgical equipment in real-time, as well as account for every single item. Our personnel tracking GPS Trackers will provide added security to dementia patients so that their loved ones can track them, anytime, anywhere.

TrackMe Compact

TrackMe Compact is an ideal personnel tracking device that can be used to track dementia patients. There is a panic button that also functions to send alerts to caregivers in a situation of an emergency.

Personal GPS Tracker

Smart RFID Cabinet

Smart Cabinet ensures that hospitals keep track of their inventory at any time and control access control.

RFID Cabinet

Patient Tracking Solutions

RFID tags can be used to track the whereabouts of patients in your facility. Alarms can be sent to caregivers should the patient leave the facility without approval.

RFID Personnel Tracking System