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Heavy Equipment Tracking

heavy equipment tracking

JA Security and Innovations’ heavy equipment GPS trackers are combined with leading edge hardware solutions to user friendly software interface to support dealers and fleet owners of heavy equipment.

Use our device to optimize equipment usage, locate the equipment, prevent equipment theft and carry out effect preventive maintenance.

Improve the utilization of your heavy machinery

• Track the engine hours of equipment
• Monitor usage and prevent theft

Effective Preventative Maintenance

• Create daily/weekly reports
• Get real-time updates on equipment downtime/uptime

Improve Visibility of your Fleet

• Find Equipment deployed in remote places
• Create geo-fence alerts that will be triggered when equipment enters/leaves a location

Increase Operational Efficiency

• Increase ROI

FleetWatch Basic

The FleetWatch Basic fleet management solution can be integrated with heavy machinery such as cranes, motors, etc. We provide the 3G black box that will eliminate your concerns on any impending 2G network shutdown.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

TrackMe Forever

TrackMe Forever is a long lasting portable tracking device that can be dropped in any compartment of the heavy machinery for real-time visibility.

Personal GPS Tracker