WatchLock is a gps lock that combines a High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system.


WHAT is a WatchLock (GPS Lock)?


High Security intelligent alarm locking solution with GPS and GSM capabilities

GPS Lock


WatchLock is a gps lock that combines a High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system. This is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alert and tracking from anywhere to anywhere.

WHO should use WatchLock?

If you are looking for:

  • An ideal autonomous solution for remote locations
  • An ideal solution for hard-to-reach locations such as water lines, high antennas and surveillance cameras, where the physical inspections of locks is labor and time intensive
  • High level of security and monitoring of transported goods
  • The right steps to take to protect your personal property
  • High Security for storage units, storefronts, vending machines and commercial equipment

WHERE WatchLock can be attached?

gps padlock electronic alarm system

Be creative, the options are limitless!

WatchLock is a Smart GPS Lock that you can attach to anything valuable.

gps impenetrable lock

WHY WatchLock should be used?

Security Wire-free
  • Robust field proven physical security
  • No wires at all! A battery powered solution
  • Notify when energy low
Impressive & cost-effective Flexibility
  • Offers customised, flexible, sophisticated security at an affordable price
  • Saves cost, time and physical intervention, with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Define and schedule the information for which you receive alerts
  • Choose the communication device of your choice – cell phone, PC, or tablet
  • Embedded with GPS and GSM capabilities
  • Reliable and functional with a worldwide coverage


HOW WatchLock can help you save cost?

gps tracking padlock

  • Embedded with GPS capabilities.
    • This GPS Lock is battery operated, with no external power source required.
  • Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status, while allowing you to choose the communication device of your choice, whether cell phone, PC or tablet.
  • Text message or email alert on the following actions:
    • Opened
    • Closed
    • Repositioned
    • Moved out of or into a predefined geographical area
    • Low battery notification or alerting when the battery has been replaced
    • Impact Indicator providing you with an indication of break-in attempts.

WHEN WatchLock can be used?

Remote LocationsSecurity CompaniesCustoms OperationsCommercial & RetailPersonal Use
gps tracking lock
gps lock for security companies
gps lock that cannot be tampered with
gps tracking lock  
high tech padlock gps