I want a low cost solution to manage my fleet of vehicles

# User Friendly Android and Apple Mobile Apps for easy tracking

# Full one year warranty

# Ideal for SMEs and Large Corporations

# Do not overpay for feature. Solutions that fit your exact needs

What makes us different from other GPS Tracking Solution Providers in Singapore?

GPS Tracker Quality

Top Quality at Every Level

European standard GPS Tracker that has been tested rigorously 

GPS Optimized

Cost Effective but yet high standards

Leave the worrying to us. We will take care of all your requirements

GPS Tracker Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority

We will support you whenever you need us

What can a GPS Tracker Singapore do for your business?

Fuel Waste GPS Tracker

Reduce Fuel Bills

Monitoring driver idling and and mileague 

Speed Limit GPS Tracker

Reduce Speeding

Receive alerts on speeding and reduce accident rates

Car Accident Singapore

Curb Bad Driving Practices

Monitor harsh braking, sudden turns and other habits

3G GPS Tracker Singapore

“Now I can see where my vehicles are and make decisions much quicker”

Logistics Company Owner


How can implementing GPS Tracking improve your business?

JA Security offers Vehicle Tracking Systems to manage your vehicles. The reports show driver behavior patterns, mileage, speeding, travel history and other valuable information. Several car rental customers also use JA 3G GPS Tracker to prevent vehicle theft and recover their vehicles.

JA Security 3G GPS Trackers Singapore benefits your entire team

  • Management who wish to monitor the fuel usage and driver habits
  • Operations team who need to know the vehicle location to send dispatch orders
  • Administration team who needs to report monthly figures to management

Contact us now to assist you in any queries that you might have.

How GPS Tracker Singapore can assist you to delivery to your customers?

Our 3G GPS Tracker give you superb location accuracy (offset 10 meters) of your vehicle, allowing you to inform your customers on arrival time and preventing unwanted uncertainty. 

Vehicle Tracking System that is easy to use.

  • Upon installation, several customers inform us that they can start using the system even before our scheduled training sessions

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