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RFID Elderly Monitoring system

RFID Elderly Monitoring system Technology OverviewPassive RFID tags are suitable to monitor the inflow and outflow of people through an overhead gantry.Passive RFID has been used vastly in many personnel tracking applications.UHF Passive RFID Tags for Elderly MonitoringJA Security installed a passive RFID elderly monitoring system for an elderly day care center in Singapore. The objective of the [...]

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Bluetooth Padlock Singapore

Bluetooth Padlock Singapore Technology OverviewTraditional GPS enabled padlocks have been around for some time and are primarily used for shipment monitoring. These padlocks require a sim-card for data transmission, translating to a recurrent monthly fees.The Bluetooth padlocks by Transformesh is a unique proposition to logistic companies and other entities. These padlocks can be unlocked using a smartphone, [...]

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Active RFID for Oil and Gas

Active RFID for Oil and Gas Technology OverviewActive RFID tags are suitable in environments where reliability is a primary concern. The tags are inbuilt with a battery which enables long reading ranges, typically up to 100 metres.Active RFID has been used vastly in many oil and gas applications.Active RFID for Oil and GasJA Security installed an [...]

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Bluetooth Beacon Singapore

Bluetooth Beacon SingaporeTechnology OverviewGPS Tracking Systems are great for outdoor tracking but has its limitations for indoor location tracking. The GPS signal is significantly reduced by buildings and has little effectiveness to be used as an indoor positioning system.RFID has been vastly used for tracking both indoors and outdoors, but require significant infrastructure setup and [...]

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RFID Temperature Loggers

RFID Temperature LoggersRFID Temperature Loggers are now being used by food, logistics and medical industries to provide real time temperature and location data for monitoring, from the point of manufacturing to delivery to end consumers. These sensors primarily consists of a UHF Passive RFID chip, temperature sensor, a clock and a battery. Companies can used [...]

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